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Today’s Strong Female is Edmonia Lewis (b. 4 July 1944d. sometime after 1909 maybeish):

4 feet of sculptor, 40 miles of awesome.

4 feet of sculptor, 40 miles of awesome.

Why is she strong?

Much like many of our historical women here, she was an internationally recognized sculptor who had to fight against sexism and racism in the latter half of the 1800’s.  She was African American and Native American both.  Her art gave great respect to the subjects at hand at a time when many other sculptors did not.   She lived in both the United States and Rome, Italy.  The sculptures themselves are quite impressively done [1].

The alert student will notice that one of the links used today goes back to “Kickass Women In History”, a monthly special run by the fine people at the Smart B*tches, Trashy Books website.  Many thanks are given to Ms. Carrie S.’s article published last week for giving me the idea for the lady to feature this week.  Go check out their articles, they go far more into depth than I normally do in my sketches and writeups here.

Keep it civil, people.


[1] Also, she sculpted curls in marble way better than me.  Seriously I have trouble making curls look right in drawing, much less sculpture.