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Today’s Strong Female is special to me, as she is my own interpretation of a Crystal Gem from Rebecca Sugar’s Steven Universe:  Snowflake Obsidian!

Snowflake Obsidian.  Not a fusion.  Huge fan of soft-serve ice cream.  Shares love of Cookie Cats with Steven.

Snowflake Obsidian. Not a fusion. Huge fan of soft-serve ice cream. Shares love of Cookie Cats with Steven.

Why is she strong?

Well, since I created her, this is subjective, so here goes.


Her gem is unusually split into two parts:  a white/gray crescent which fits around a black disk.  Each one is on one wrist (you can see the black disk clearly in that picture of her above on her left wrist,) but a split in gem structure does not indicate a split in personality.  Her skin is black as, well, obsidian except for patches of white/gray, which shift over her body according to their own schedule.  She is fond of her mohawk and will add blue or purple dye to the tips as she sees fit.  She normally wears street clothes and scalenet leggings.

Fighting Style and Weapons:

When the gems are linked together, she can summon twin daggers.  If the need is great enough she can also shoot the daggers straight out of her wrists or use them as extensions of her arms.  Her blades were originally shades of black and gray, but she learned how to color them pink long ago when she came to Earth with the gems who rebelled against their homeworld.

She can also manipulate sound, either cancelling voices entirely or sending them around corners.   This is very helpful if she is getting too many voices at once to process, or if she needs to get info across large distances quickly.  It tends to work on voices far more than noises made by machines or waterfalls or things like that.

She tends not to start a battle, but she will finish it if provoked.  She and Amethyst sometimes walk around downtown daring anyone to mess with them by mere presence.  Occasionally she will spar with Garnet, or get finer blade maintenance tips from Pearl.

Other cool things:

She is a huge huge HUGE fan of soft-serve ice cream, to the point that she will jump down the throat of one of those giant acid eye-centipedes if there is a Dairy Queen on the other end of it.  She and Steven bonded over a love of Cookie Cats.

Keep it civil, people.