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Today’s Strong Female is Lt. Uhura of Star Trek [1]:

Rocking communications harder than you do.

Rocking communications harder than you do [2].

Why is she strong?

She’s a highly competent officer on board the U.S.S. Enterprise.  While communications may not seem like a huge field to be a part of, think about the last time your internet went out and how much you flipped out.  Lt. Uhura keeps those lines of communication open so that everyone can come back from their mission.  In-universe, she is also one of a handful of officers to wear a red shirt and come back alive every single time.  Also, in-universe things have advanced such that her skin color and gender is not such a big deal [3].

Keep it civil people.


[1] Yes, I dual-linked with the post from A Mighty Girl on Facebook.  They keep having good ideas.

[2] Shout out to both Ms. Nichelle Nichols and Ms. Zoë Saldana, both actresses who have played the character.  I only drew the Uhura from the first series, as I have not seen the more recent movies with Ms. Saldana in them.

[3] I was not alive in the 1960’s, but I have read that it WAS a big deal to see representation like that.  I saw some different representation over 20 years later in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, but I benefit from the earlier pioneers.