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Today’s Strong Female is Vivian of Nintendo’s “Paper Mario:  The Thousand-Year Door”:

Cross her sweetness and you'll be in a world of fiery hurt.

Cross her sweetness and you’ll be in a world of fiery hurt. [1]

Why is she strong?

After much mistreatment, she is able to break from her cruel sisters and team up with our hero, Mario.  She is very, VERY good at lighting enemies on fire, (really one of the best characters for your team in that respect.)  She was supposed to be part of the team who resurrected the Shadow Queen, but is able to see later how much of a bad idea that is and fight against her if she’s in your party.

Keep it civil, people.


[1] She identifies as she.  I am not getting into the argument of what she is, exactly.  Let her be.