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Today’s Strong Female is Lucy Wild from Despicable Me 2 by Illumination Entertainment and Universal Studios:

Where is her lipstick taser?  You won't know until AFTER it hits you.

Where is her lipstick taser? You won’t know until AFTER it hits you. [1]

Why is she strong?

She is quite competent when it comes to spying, despite being new in her organization.  While she does kidnap Gru, she does keep it professional once it is clear that they will be working together, and never once tries to mislead him.  She also busts Gru out of a seriously bad date [2]. While spying is her profession, it is clear that she does not take her work too seriously, making her a good person to be around in a social setting as well as a professional one.

Keep it civil, people.


[1] She reminds me of me SO MUCH.  I would totally have a lipstick taser and her fashion sense.

[2] How many of us have gone on dates gone terribly wrong who needed people to intervene and help hide the body? ALL OF US THAT’S WHO.