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You are getting double the posts today.  Lucky you!

So I was talking with a friend of mine a few days ago about cooking.  We’re both total nerds and he was talking about leveling up in cooking.  This phrase inserted itself into my head until it popped out as Cooking Skill Trees. [1]

Recipe Skill Tree:  Seeking, finding, tweaking, and perfecting recipes.  May be book-based or online or someone’s family member.  Competition can result, but really you eat what you sow here and how are you going to get more recipes if you’re fighting all the time?

Ingredients Skill Tree:  The poultry, fish, meat, vegetables, grains, and other large things you are turning into other things.  Over time, superior tastes may be developed to determine which type of tomato is preferred for, say, a spaghetti sauce.  May cause pride, so use with caution and keep your mind open to new ideas.  Sufficiently advanced people will be able to spot inferior product almost immediately.

Herbs, Spices, Marinades, Bouillon Skill Tree:  Easy to get into.  Difficult to master.  Marinades or rubs may count as a separate branch of the tree.  Substitution is an advanced skill, as is the rare “shoot I don’t have this substitute this bit here crud abort abort ok this is fine BAM”.

Equipment Skill Tree:  Anything like measuring spoons, cutting boards, blades, etc.  Eventually some piece of equipment will break and you’ll have to buy a new one, so this one almost levels automatically.  Specialty equipment like rice cookers or bread machines count as advanced tiers.  Lucky or favored equipment develops over time.  Snobbery can be quite rampant with this tree, so use caution.

Just Making The Stuff:  This is less a tree and more a Bulbasaur.  Lots of potential.  Also capacity to set things on fire.  This is also where your mistakes are made.  No one ever masters this one completely, so no worries.

Cooking is one of the most useful and awesome things you could ever do.  All the blades, mallets, and large metal and wooden implements you could ever want.  Potential significant others will fall over backwards if this is done well.  Development of abilities to make significant quantities of food for very little money promotes confidence and independence.  (Though once your friends hear about it is unlikely that you’ll be alone at meals anymore.)

Keep it civil people.


[1] Please be aware that I am talking about kitchens in the United States, where things like rice cookers may not be the first piece of equipment you think of in a kitchen.