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Today’s Strong Female is as much a character as she is an idea:  Ms. Goldie of GoldieBlox. [1]


And really, don’t we all need toolbelts and giant rulers now and again? [1]

Why is she strong?

She develops devices and makes race cars and zootropes, it is true.  However, her true strength comes in the fact that she is shown making mistakes, failing, and trying again.  She is there to inspire and to show that you can be girly as all get out while still working with tools and pursuing science.

(The fact that she is shown cooperating with others on projects as well as putting in the hard time thinking on her own is a very nice touch for someone with history in the sciences who, more often than not, has worked solo.)


[1] This is a character developed very recently by GoldieBlox, Inc.  I in no way own this character, I just drew her because I am a fan.  Go chuck money at them.  Please do not sue me.