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Apologies for the missing post last week. I was busy nobly fighting a drying machine to repair it only to have the capacitors go on me.

If your childhood was anything like mine, at one point you visited a planetarium. This was likely in an older building as part of a college campus or museum made of brick or concrete with a sturdy, beautiful dome rising above it and a wonderfully machined projector in the center. However, portable planetarium domes have been developed:

This thing, developed by Go-Dome, is a small inflatable dome, probably close to 5 meters in diameter.  I imagine that the tech is similar to stadium covers only on a much smaller scale.  This thing combined with a portable projector allows a planetarium to go to several places it could not normally do so.

Does this mean that the traditional, stationary planetarium should be discarded?  No, it just means that now there are options on how to view the night sky if said night sky is unavailable.  The weather does not always cooperate and the ability to see can be reduced by lights from the ground.

If you are in an area where you can see the night sky clearly, however, nothing beats that.  It is very pretty.