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I grew up with the SNES, and have been a longtime fan of Nintendo and Playstation games, to say nothing of various computer games, (Might and Magic series, The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain, Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri.)  As I get older, however, I have been more interested in casual games promoted by the like of jayisgames and Big Fish, (the Margrave saga, Dark Parables series, Today I Die.)

Now, why would someone steeped so much in RPG’s and adventure games go to the casual gaming end of things?  In my case, it is because I am looking for something different than the long-term commitment that can easily happen with an involved RPG [1].  When I play an adventure game or RPG, I want a good story, a non-obnoxious battle system, and something more than “go to x area and kill 20 ogres” for every single sidequest.  For a casual game I want something with good art and good story that I can pick up, complete in a reasonable amount of time, and then put down to perhaps complete again in the future [2].  It’s a bit like speedrunning, only the game is so short that the game is over in a few hours at most anyway.  It fulfills a different need for me than a wonderfully involved and complex adventure game cannot.

Casual gaming is not the enemy of other video game genres.  It is simply another way to experience a good story.


[1] Seriously, some of those RPG’s can take forever.  I got cured of 100% completion tendencies by Baten Kaitos though.  That game would cure ANYONE.

[2] I have a tendency to play a given game rapturously for days, put it down for weeks, then pick up where I left off again later.  This holds for me for both casual and regular video games.